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Alabama running back, Bo Scarbrough yells “F___ Trump” before Championship Game

Listen to Bo Scarbrough yell “Fuck Trump”. It’s as clear as day. Mr. Trump didn’t deserve this. I suppose Kendrick James, number 44, got a big thrill, seeing as how he was laughing about it.

The College Football National Championship Game did not win an award for class, and Bo Scarbrough acted like he was one of the many obnoxious Alabama fans.

Just because a Football team is great, and wins Championships every other year doesn’t necessarily mean they have class. I wouldn’t give either team, Alabama or Georgia, an award for class Monday night at the College Football National Championship Game. Alabama conducted themselves in a manner that made them a disgrace to the Southeastern Conference. No wonder the rest of the Country hates this conference.

Bo’s just practicing for when he gets to the NFL, so he can hang out with Colin Kaepernick in the unemployment line.


Bo Scarbrough and Kendrick James before game

The thing that’s surprising is that Alabama Coach, Nick Saban, didn’t do anything about this. Bo Scarbrough shouldn’t have been allowed to play in this game. I guess Nick is like his counterpart from yesteryear, Bear Bryant, who cared about nothing but winning, no matter what disgraceful tactics he had to resort to.

Many die hard Alabama fans claim he said, “F___ Georgia”, but the video is as clear as day. So what! What if he did say “F___ Georgia”? Does that make what he did right?

Bo Scarbrough did play in the game, if you can call it that. He played as well as he did against Alabama’s arch rival, Auburn, who practically man-handled Bo and beat the hell out of the Tide, 26 to 14.

Way to go, Bo! The first time you carry the ball in the NFL, if you make it, I hope someone like Dont’a Hightower of the New England Patriots fixes you but good, so you can join your Buddy, Colin Kaepernick.

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