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Bruce Jenner has made a genuine ASS of himself

bruce-jennerAs a Bruce Jenner fan, ever since the 1676 Olympic Games in Montreal, this is shocking to me. I’ll even go further and say that I was devastated. The only other time I was this devastated was when it was made public that the motion picture star, and legendary ladies’ man Rock Hudson announced he was a homosexual.

Think about this. As a young teenage boy, your dream may have been to be attractive to the beautiful ladies, or, to become a world class athlete. Then, you find someone in the public eye who is everything you want to be, or you thought you wanted to be. Here are two examples of major let-downs. As a teenager, Rock Hudson was my hero. Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome was everything I wanted to be, so I thought. Suddenly, the whole world knows he lived a lie for so many years. So much for this dream.

In the case of Bruce Jenner, here is the 1976 Olympic Decathlon Champion. He’s the greatest athlete in the world, and is married to one of the loveliest women in the world. Suddenly, after many years, Bruce thinks he’s a woman. Again, another dream gone to hell in a handbag. In all fairness to Bruce Jenner, there has been no reference to his sexual preference. However, this does not soften the blow.



Why Bruce Jenner did what he did

Bruce Jenner had his monumental moment during the 1976 Olympics in Montreal.

Mark Spitz had his moment in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Muhammad Ali had his share of triumphs in the ring, as did Joe Lewis. Michael Jordan enjoyed his moments of glory. The list of great athletes who had to have one more last hurrah goes on.

All of these athletes have one thing in common. They all had to attempt a comeback. Muhammad Ali fought one fight too many and took the beating of his life, compliments of Larry Holmes. Joe Lewis experienced a worse beating, against Rocky Marciano, a fighter who never lost, simply because he didn’t know how to lose. Rocky was intelligent enough to know when it was time to quit. Mark Spitz tried to make a comeback in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, but did not qualify for the American swim team. The only exception to the rule is Michael Jordan. Michael re-joined the Chicago Bulls after a short baseball career, and led them to three more championships.

Is changing his gender from male to female Bruce Jenner’s way of trying to make a comeback?

In the case of the other athletes who were unsuccessful at making a comeback, at least they went down doing what made them great. There’s no shame in an older man getting beat up in the ring by a younger man. There’s also no shame in a 41 year old Mark Spitz losing out to men in their twenties. Great athletes are seen at their best. They are also seen at their worst. That’s the price of competing.

If this was Bruce’s way of making a comeback, I’m afraid he made the wrong choice. Even if he had tried to compete again as a decathlete, and fell flat on his back, at least he could still hold his head high. He would not have made an international ASS out of himself. This bazaar turn of events in his life has left many people speechless.

Granted, Bruce Jenner looked different during his interview with Diane Sawyer. This is when he should have left it alone. Oh no. He had to go all out with the dress, makeup, boobs and glamour shop on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Bruce, you should have entered the competition for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro instead of this being a woman BS. You may not make it. You may even fall flat on your face. But at least you would go out with class and dignity.

I’m sorry to disappoint you Bruce, but you are not a she. You are a he. You’ll always be a he. Many of your fans would like to see you stop this non-sense before you have gone in too deep – If you haven’t already.

As it is now, you have made an international ASS of yourself.

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