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New Category in Merjeo – Is it BS or NOT? You Decide [You’ll love this]

BS or NOTI love writing for Merjeo. It gives me so much passion and pleasure. Starting today, I’m going to love writing for Merjeo much more, and I hope you love it too.

New category for Merjeo lets you decide

We’re going to have some fun now. Merjeo will be publishing some really Wild, Crazy and Bazaar stuff. It will be funny, will make some sense, but will cause readers to scratch their heads wondering if it is true or not.

In this new category, BS or NOT, there will be some stuff that may or may not be BS. We’re going to let you, the reader decide on your own whether the stuff is BS, or NOT BS. Whatever you decide, we’d love to hear from you. Simply contact us here at Merjeo.

Is it BS or NOT? You decide.


Merjeo is all about the spirit of fun and good humor. Nothing on Merjeo is intended to be offensive to anyone. What you see on Merjeo is strictly the opinions and sense of humor of the writers. Please read the Merjeo Disclaimer for more on this.

Time to vote

Do you like our new concept? Do you like this article? Do you think it’s BS? Let us know what you think. We answer all of our emails.


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