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How to get negative thinking completely out of your mind

negative thinkingNegative thinking cure – 2 things you need to do – It’s easy and it works everytime

Put a teaspoon in your right or left pants pocket. It doesn’t matter which one.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, move the teaspoon to the other pocket. Do this without exception.

During the first few days you will constantly have to move the teaspoon back and forth between your pockets. Over time you’ll get rid of the negative thinking before it ever enters your mind.

After a month, sometimes less, it becomes habit. You automatically know that you’re supposed to dismiss negative thoughts, and you’ve programmed yourself to do this. If they come back, put the spoon back in your pocket and scoop them away.

I’ve tried this, and I don’t have anymore negative thoughts. It works like a charm. Try it.

Enjoy! Don’t think negative. THINK POSITIVE.

I thought I’d discovered the secret to immortality – I was just a kid

immortalityImmortality – There for the taking – So I thought

I remember it clearly. It was a hot, sunny, summer day. My Mom was hanging clothes outside on the clothes line. I was standing in the doorway, talking crazy stuff to her as children often do.

I don’t know what led to our conversation. Something having to do with eating collard greens came up. My Mom said to me, “You won’t grow up to be big and strong unless you eat your collard greens.”

I tried to reply as best I could by saying, “So, to grow up, I have to eat my collard greens?”

Mom said, “Yes, you have to eat healthy stuff like collard greens to grow up!”

Even more confused, I asked, “So if I stop eating collard greens, I won’t grow up?”

“That’s right!”, Mom said.

All I could think to say was “So if I stop eating collard greens, I won’t get old and die, and I’ll live forever?”

It took Mom almost a week to convince me to eat anything. That’s when I knew I just thought I’d discovered the secret to immortality.

Have you ever tried to make sense out of some dreams?

dreamsThere is a very good reason why most dreams make no sense

Suppose you have a dream, and then, wake up and immediately remember your dream.

You try to sort it out. Most of the time, you come to the conclusion that your dream made absolutely no sense at all.

But think about this. In the Bible, when Jesus fed 5 thousand people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, did this make any sense?

How do you respond to beggars who confront you and ask you for money?

beggarsWhen a beggar asks me for some money, I’ll give it to him, depending on the way he asks.

3 ways beggars will ask you for money

The first way is, he’ll just come right out and ask for the money. In this case, I just give it to him. You can always tell if he’s a drunk by the smell of liquor. If I think he’s a drunk, so what? I don’t know for sure he’s going to buy alcohol. He may be hungry.

A second way is by saying, “Hey, let me hold something.” This  sounds a little more sarcastic, but again, I don’t know for sure that he’s going to buy alcohol. He also may be hungry.

Finally, some beggars with just blurt it out. “Hey, give me some money so I can get me some whiskey.” In this case, he’s screwed. This has happened to me a three times. I said to him, “Here’s what I can do. I’ll go with you to the nearest cafe. You can order anything you want, and I’ll ask the manager to put it on my tab.” All three times, they disappeared, and I never saw them again.

Why I’m so generous to beggars

If I give a beggar some money thinking he’s going to buy food, and he buys liquor instead, I can live with that. What I can’t live with is the thought of not helping a hungry man eat.

If I give him the money to buy food and he doesn’t, he’s the one who lied. It’s his ass. I’m in the clear. I’ve done the right thing.

A final reason I’m so generous is a little far fetched, but make all the sense in the world. I’m not going to be caught with my pants down on judgement day.

The last thing I want is for the man upstairs to tell me,

“Hey Charlie, one day I asked you for some money to buy food, and you turned me down. Now, it’s my turn.”

The perfect way to get a beach body – The only way




To get a beach body, all you need are 2 things:

A body


A beach

The Greatest Blogger, 2000 years ago, and still today




Many attribute the beginning of blogging to Justin Hall. He is known as the pioneer blogger. But Mr. Hall is not the one who started blogging.

If you want to know who really started blogging, you have to go back in time, like, two thousand years. The very first blogger was Paul the Apostle. Paul created the first blog, before anyone even knew about blogging, or what blogging was. As one of the first twelve Bishops of the Church, Paul created the greatest blog of all time, The 13 Letters of Paul in the New Testament.

Let’s think about this. There are six requirements that make up a good blog post. Let’s see if Paul’s letters meet these requirements.

  • The blog must target its audience. Paul’s letters did this. He targeted Christians. Considering the fact that Christianity was a new thing when he blogged, the market was not exactly saturated.
  • The blog must speak to the same audience. Paul was speaking to followers of Jesus Christ. He was also speaking to those who he wanted to be followers of Jesus Christ. Yes, he was speaking the the same audience.
  • The blog post must not interesting and useful. Paul’s letters are definitely interesting. If a Christian can’t get interested in Jesus Christ, then something is wrong. His letters are also useful. If they were not useful, what’s the point in praying?
  • A good blog post will show, not tell. Paul’s letters have been showing, like for the last two thousand years. Look at the world around you.
  • A good blog post has a call to action. Paul definitely had a call to action in his letter. He said, if you want to get to Heaven, you better follow Jesus Christ. Preachers persuade this call to action every Sunday morning.
  • A good blog post allows comments. For years, people have been commenting on Paul’s letters – like Every Sunday morning in Church. These commenters  are what we all know as preachers.

Keep another thing in mind. Paul’s letters have received more traffic than any other blog has received, or ever will receive. His letters have been receiving tons of traffic every day for the last two thousand years, and should continue doing the same for the next two thousand years.

So, when it comes to blogging, the first blogger, and the greatest blogger of all time was Paul the Apostle.

Unfortunately, Paul is not blogging anymore. Even if he were still alive, he would not have to blog. He is like a coach who has won five championships. He never has to do anything else, and will walk away a champion. His blogs still receive more traffic today than any other blog has, or ever will receive.

Paul’s blogs still receive more traffic than the blogs written by today’s greatest blogger if there is one. AND BY THE WAY, WHO IS TODAY’S GREATEST BLOGGER? I’ll never tell.

Famous places people would like to visit, and why

There are so many famous places and landmarks in the world. Many of these are places that many people, at least once in their lifetime, would like to see.

What would you like to see in your lifetime?

Here are the 6 places that people would like to visit:

sistine-chapel The Sistine Chapel

The people who have visited this beautiful place have described it in one word – Breathtaking! The thought of a man creating such magnificent works of art for four years, while lying on his back is awesome.



Of course, no one would have ever wanted to visit this place as an inmate. Now that it’s a museum, there are many people who would like to see it just once in their lifetime. Many who have visited Alcatraz are still bewildered that Frank Morris, and the Anglin Brothers successfully escaped from Alcatraz, aka, The Rock.


Hitsville USA

Now the Motown Museum, this is where such famous people as Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and Dianna Ross got their start.


Winged Foot Country Club

This place is vicious. The US Open is played there every so often, and the leader board posts scores like 10 and 12 over par. As a golfer, I would like to see if this golf course is really as tough as people say it is.


The Grand Canyon

I’ve never been there, but I flew over it. It is an awesome site, even from thirty thousand feet.


The Egyptian Pyramids

These are awesome sites. They make you wonder how people who were less technologically advanced could build such massive structures. Or were they less technologically advanced? Who knows? But these have stood the test of time.

Heaven is like Life is now, with 3 Major Differences

Heaven will have life’s best moments but not the worst

heaven-yankee-stadiumThe most enthusiastic baseball fan attended his first game in Yankee Stadium during the 1950’s. He walked into this historical monument and said, “This is what Heaven will be like.” The avid golfer said the same thing when he visited Winged Foot Country Club the first time. What do these two examples have in common? They were  both breath-taking experiences.

The first time I ate at Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet, would you like to guess what I said? If you guessed, “This is what Heaven will be like”, you’re one hundred percent right. Although this is not your usual breath-taking experience, I enjoyed every minute I was there, and I still do every time I visit this wonderful restaurant.

Life would be so perfect, if only . . .

heaven-winged-foot-golf-clubFamous baseball stadiums, beautiful golf courses. the finest places to eat, and the many other things people associate with happiness are in this life, and right in front of us. Life does have its great moments.

Unfortunately, there are distractions in everyday life that make it far from perfect. Heaven will be very different. All of the distractions, corruption, indecision, lack of knowledge, and the many other twists and turns that life throws at us will no longer exist.


3 things that will be different in Heaven

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Do you believe we have a Guardian Angel? True story is proof

Your Guardian Angel is there one minute, and gone the next. But it does exist.

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Blogging is my passion. 7 reasons why I Love Blogging!

i-love-blogging Continue reading Blogging is my passion. 7 reasons why I Love Blogging!

Would a restaurant let you wash dishes to pay for your meal if you are hungry and broke?

Be up front and honest with the restaurant

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Federal Prison was a breeze. Catholic Seminary was a living hell.

notre-dame-seminaryI’ve been in both a Federal Prison, and a Roman Catholic Seminary. Though my time in each were years apart, I couldn’t help but make comparisons. What I discovered was shocking.

Years ago, I felt like I had the calling to become a Roman Catholic Priest. After weeks of counseling, I finally made the decision to enter the seminary. I entered Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans, LA.

I must clarify something. This is not Notre Dame University, Home of the Fighting Irish. Notre Dame Seminary is a different institution entirely.

Attneding Notre Dame Seminary was my choice. My vocational director, the priest in my diocese who guided me, tried to discourage this, but he left the final decision up to me. Continue reading Federal Prison was a breeze. Catholic Seminary was a living hell.

Thieves steal Baby Jesus from Catholic Church Nativity Scene

our-lady-of-sorrows-homewood-alHow low can someone be? Imagine that! Stealing Baby Jesus!

Wait a minute! Before you have a coronary, there’s something you should know. This has become another Christmas Tradition, and when you know the reason, you might understand. Furthermore, you might agree.

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, in Homewood, Alabama, is well known for displaying the most elegant Nativity Scene every Holiday Season. This is usually displayed immediately after Thanksgiving. Every year, someone from the town takes the Baby Jesus from the crib, hides it and returns it on Christmas morning. Continue reading Thieves steal Baby Jesus from Catholic Church Nativity Scene