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Cemetery lots & graves are private property – Can be cited for trespassing


Email from Merjeo Reader:

Dear Merjeo,

A little over 7 years ago, my wife passed away from lung cancer.

She had a brother who was married to a real bitch. Several years ago, before we were married, his wife treated my future wife like a dog. After we were married, I put a stop to this immediately. This was what my wife asked me to do, and I had her blessing.

While we were married, she tried to interfere in our marriage several times, but we stopped it right away. Finally, she gave up and left us alone.

About a year ago, she sent a private message on Facebook to one of my siblings with the following picture attached (without the red circle).


She also said in the message that she glued this figurine of an angel to my wife’s foot stone. My wife loved angels.

If someone other that her had done this, I probably would have called them and thanked them. However, based on the way she treated my wife over the years, I have no doubt she did it for spite, and sent the message to “rub it in”. When I found out about this, I called her and politely asked her to remove it. Her response was “GO TO HELL!”, and she hung up.

A few days later, I went to my wife’s grave to remove it. What I saw pissed me off royally. First, the figuring was broken and looked as if it was run over by a lawn mower. I pulled it up and threw it in the woods behind the cemetery. Then, I took a picture of the foot stone. Here’s what it looked like.


Apparently, she went back to the grave and re-glued the figuring with liquid nails, which is almost impossible to remove. This broke my heart. I thought the foot stone, which cost $1,600, was ruined.

I can’t believe people can be so cruel. She wouldn’t leave my wife alone when she was alive, and she’s still bothering her even in the grave. What can I do about this?

Response from Merjeo:

liquid-nailsYou’re absolutely right. This is as cruel as someone can get.

First, I’m not an attorney. However, I forwarded your email to an attorney friend, with your permission, of course. Here’s what he suggested.

A cemetery lot and grave are private property. Damage to your wife’s grave is no different from damage to your house. That comes under the area of vandalism. Your former sister-in-law could be cited for trespassing and face criminal charges.

Here’s what you should do. Go back to the grave, call 911 on your smart phone and ask the dispatch to send a police officer there. When he arrives, explain to him what happened, and ask for a police report. He won’t turn you down. In a few days, you can get a copy of the report from the local police department.

Finally, call your sister-in-law and tell her what you’ve done. Even though she admitted wrong doing, and may be a real bitch, she still deserves the benefit of the doubt. Tell her to fix the problem, or pay you for another foot stone, or else, you’ll file criminal charges against her.

Follow up Email from Merjeo Reader:

Dear Merjeo,

I did exactly what you suggested. When I called her, I was polite. Again she said, “GO TO HELL!”, and hung up. I decided to wait about a week to see what would happen. Then, I went back to my wife’s grave, and the liquid nails had been removed, most likely, by a professional. The foot stone looked like the figurine was never there.

I hope this costed her a pretty penny.

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