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8 changes that should be made on Facebook, immediately


Change the name of the Facebook posting area

The name of the Facebook posting area indicates that there are a lot of morons on Facebook. I’ve never liked the idea of posting on someone’s wall. Talking to a wall is associated with being an idiot.

Add other options besides “Like”

Facebook wants people to know when someone likes what they post. Suppose someone doesn’t like a post. Are these people not entitled to their opinions? Some additional options should be added:

Don’t like



Don’t give a shit

Limit the number of times someone can change their relationship

People should be allowed to change their relationship status, because they get married, divorced or become widowed. Facebook should make two changes. First, you should not be allowed to change your relationship to something that you’ve used in the past. Second, if your relationship is changed 3 times, the fourth time should default to unstable.

Suspend members for certain types of posts

Three kinds of posts on Facebook really piss me off. These are the ones that ask you to do something.

The first is, when someone posts that he or she is taking an inventory of their friends, and is thinking about thinning out their friend list. And, if you respond, you will not be un-friended. I’ve never understood the logic. If someone is one of your friends, what’s the harm in just leaving him alone. His being listed is not hurting you in any way. You probably don’t even know he’s there unless you take a look

The second is, “Pass this prayer on to 10 people, and God will bless you.” I know this may be a touchy subject, but I don’t think God likes idiots. It’s my opinion that God would prefer one-on-one. For a clearer description of what I’m getting at, read Matthew 6:1-6,16-21. This is God’s way of saying, “I can pay you a little now, or a lot later.

Finally, there’s the post that says, “Please share this on your timeline, just so I’ll know people are reading my posts. Don’t just copy and paste.” I believe in sharing posts, because many are good information that should be seen. But this is a crock, and means nothing.

Members who post these types of posts should have their Facebook account suspended for 48 hours. The second time, the suspension should be 7 days. If it happens a third time, they should be banned from Facebook, permanently.

Put conditions on un-friending someone

If you un-friend someone, or if someone un-friends you, you and the other person should not be allowed to be friends again for one year.

Put conditions on blocking someone

There’s nothing wrong with blocking someone. There’s also nothing wrong with un-blocking someone you’ve previously blocked. People have disagreements, and sometimes settle them. However, if someone blocks someone for a second time, his account should be suspended for 6 months. This indicates that he’s screwed up, and must get his head screwed on right. The blockee should not be suspended because it’s not his fault.

Put conditions on tagging someone

If you tag someone in a picture or post on Facebook, you must have that person’s permission for it to take effect. Facebook should automate this by sending the tagged person a notification, and asking them to say “yes” or “no”. I don’t mind being tagged. But when I get a notification that someone commented on a post I was tagged in, and I’m not familiar with the post, I get a bad feeling that the hackers are in rare form.

Require photo verification

This is the most important change that should be made on Facebook. First, everyone’s Facebook account should be required to have one photo of themselves. Second, there should be an app for smartphones that will allow you to look at the screen, and take a quick photo of yourself from the front, left side and right side. There won’t be a photo, but instead, a verification by the app that your photo is verified, and you are good to go. Some online dating services use a similar app. Third, a photo and person verified by one Facebook account cannot be verified by another.

These changes will stop people from duplicating other peoples’ Facebook accounts. Have you ever received a friend request from someone who is already your friend? This is the reason why.

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