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Owner of Chinese Serves Cockroaches, and then Tries to Kill Customer

chinese-restaurantChinese Restaurant has Crawling Food

The owner of Good Friend Chinese and Seafood Restaurant, in the Western section of Birmingham, Alabama, fired shots at a customer.

The customer who was lucky to get out of there alive complained because he found a cockroach in the food. The owner of this restaurant, Chun Hin Ching, is being charged with attempted murder. The mystery is, the number of counts for which he will be charged. This is not the first time someone has complained about crawling chow mein and chop suey. There is no telling what else he puts in the food.

It comes to no surprise that concerned citizens have been picketing the restaurant since the incident occurred.

If you ever go to Birmingham, and decide to eat at this restaurant, take precautions, and eat at your own risk.

If the food doesn’t kill you, the owner sure as hell will.

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