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Cuba Relations Restored after 50 years? Wonderful

president-obamaI dreamed of this for many years, and now it is about to become a reality. I can hardly believe it.

Does this mean we will be able to get Cuban Cigars again?

What are the Major League Baseball Owners thinking? Will the Yankees sign a Cuban power hitter who is not a defector?

Forget Fidel Castro, and the evil Communism that penetrated his blood. Cube was once a great place, and will be once again – Finally.

President Obama has something no other President had

What is it that President Obama has. The nice word for it is, testicles. The more common term is, balls. I have always wanted the Country to have a President with balls. I never thought it would be Obama, but the sudden change of heart is very encouraging and most welcomed.

There are many people who have never liked President Obama since his election. This may have won them over, myself included.

The Obama Administration – Deja Vu

When President Clinton was first elected, I didn’t like him either. But, the longer he was in office, the more I began to like him. But this was for different reasons. When Clinton’s sexual scandals were in the media, this made me realize that our President was an ordinary, OK guy. When he left office, I liked him more than any president before him. One of my ambitions once was to sit down with Clinton, and have a couple of beers with him. This would be an experience to remember. I’m suddenly starting to think that this would be the same with Obama.

I can’t speak for other Americans, but President Obama has won me over. I was hoping for years that a U S President would make peace with Cuba, but never thought it was possible. The reason was always the same – Former Presidents either didn’t have the guts, or, just didn’t want to fool with the situation. Of course, there is another reason. Perhaps former U S Presidents were afraid of dealing with this, thinking that the Ghost of JFK would haunt them. But JFK is ancient history. He started this crap. Obama has the guts to end it, once and for all. And for all the Kennedy lovers out there, get over it. Your beloved President Kennedy was not exactly the role model you think he was.

Cuba – Once a Great Place

Most of the people today were not around to remember Cuba in the 50’s, and there are only a few remaining who do remember. Cuba was a great place before the evil of Communism took over. And let me clarify something. I like the old Cuba, but I am not an advocate of Communism.

It was a resort and pleasure place, where people could go, relax, gamble, and just forget everything. I always hoped that a President would make the peace. I’d love to see Cuba the way it used to be. If the old Cuba comes back, I would be one of the first to go there for a vacation. It’s nice to know that I would be able to return home.

All I can say, Mr.President is, “Well Done”.


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