Dad tells everyone his son is gay by accident – This is hilarious


This is a true story. I laughed so hard, I almost lost it.

A 17 year old boy was at a family reunion. Two weeks before the reunion, he told his dad that he was gay. Although this shocked his dad, he accepted it, and admired his son for his honesty and his courage. He also encouraged him not to be ashamed, and to tell other people.

At the reunion, the kid’s mother and grandmother were together. They didn’t know he was gay. The mother asked him to go tell the rest of the family that dinner would be ready shortly. He did what his mother asked him to do. After the son left to tell the family, the dad joined the mother and grandmother.

When the son returned, his mother and father were standing there. His mother asked him, “Did you tell them?” She was referring to the dinner, and the kid said, “Yes.” His father’s face was suddenly bright, as though there was a sigh of relief. He said “Son, I am so proud of you!” This thoroughly confused his mother and grandmother.

His father then dragged him to the head of the room and made the following announcement, “Yes, everyone, as you are now aware, my son is gay. And if you have a problem with it, you can answer to me.”

The boy’s mother and grandmother both fainted.

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