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Dallas Cowboys & Tony Roma – No pink stuff

When I say pink stuff, I’m referring to an expletive, aka, the P Word. This is what keeps a man from doing what he has to do. It is accurate to say that this expletive kept Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys from winning the super bowl eight years ago.

There’s no Jessica Simpson. His chances are much better than in the past.

Tony Romo couldn’t even handle a snap from center on a winning field goal attempt in the first round of the playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks in January, 2007. Was this Jessica’s fault. I’m not putting the blame on her. However, if I were the holder, and a beautiful, sexy woman was sitting in a stadium suite wearing my jersey, with pink numbers, I probably would have fumbled the snap too.

This was one of the funniest things that has ever happened in sports. The only person who was not laughing about it was Jerry Jones.

Like many people, I would like to see Tony Romo win at least one championship. He has his chance this year. If he does not do it, he never will.

There’s no Jessica Simpson to mess him up. Those pink numbers, and that pink stuff prevented him from doing it in the past.



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