Daniel Holtzclaw gets 263 years for rape, and cries. He knows his sex life is not over, but just beginning.

Daniel Holtzclaw

He wasn’t crying when he was raping teenagers and grandmothers, but he produces Lake Michigan when he’s convicted. Typical psycho.

Justice always prevails in the end – NO PUN INTENDED.

He’s crying because he thinks his sex life is over. But it’s just beginning. He’ll be dropping many bars of soap in the shower. Most guys in prison don’t like cops anyway, but he’ll find one who’ll give him all the lovin’ he wants.

Daniel Holtzclaw not helpful for ending racism and segregation

What is interesting but not surprising is that the news about Will Smith and his wife choosing not to attend the Academy awards has generated a lot of racial controversy. Suddenly, when an ex police officer gets life plus in prison for cowardly raping black women, the Will Smith story has taken a back seat. Racism is still happening in America, thanks to people like Daniel Holtzclaw.

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