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Daylight Savings Time 2015 – Watch the clock change

daylight-savings-time-2015Last fall, when we left daylight savings time 2014, and had to turn the clocks back one hour, I watched the clock on my cable box. The cable box, like your PC, is set at the precise time, and changes automatically. It was a little strange seeing the time at 1:59 AM, and then, suddenly changing to 1:00 AM. I’ve never seen the clock at the precise moment when the time change begins.

What will the clock do when going back to daylight savings time? I’ll probably be watching the clock again. This time, I think the time will be 1:59 AM, and suddenly change to 3:00 AM. If you’re awake at the precise moment the time changes for daylight savings time 2015, watch the clock. If you’ve never seen this at the precise moment, it will be something totally different.

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