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Whoever designed deep fryers for the home is a moron

Deep FryerA non-commercial deep fryer, meaning, one made for home use, is a handy gadget to have in the kitchen. Just cut a potato in strips, and you have some delicious home made French Fries in minutes.

I have no complaint about the functionality of the product. Most of them I’ve used work great. But there is a design flaw. I notice this every time I finish frying. I want to clean up fast and go on about my business, but this flaw makes this impossible.

I usually keep my deep fryer on the counter top, out of the way. When I finish frying, it’s easy to just leave it there, and clean up around it. But with the design flaw, cleaning up can be a real pain in the butt.

Who in the hell designed a plastic lid for these gadgets? This is crazy. When I clean up, I like to do it right, which means, putting everything in its place. But with those cheap plastic lids, you have to put it aside, and wait until the deep fryer cools off. Otherwise, the lid will melt, and the deep fryer will be useless.

Why couldn’t the moron have designed a metal lid?

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