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4 differences between a massage and rub down


Massage vs Rub Down depends on 3 things:

  • What part of the body is being massaged or rubbed down. If it’s the back, it can be either. The nurse gives a back massage. Does the sports trainer give a massage. No way! He gives a rub down. Can you imagine Tom Brady getting a massage from the Patriots’ trainer? Maybe the trainer would like to give him a face rub down or a foot rub down. Have you ever heard of a face or foot rub down? NO. But you’ve heard of a facial massage and a foot massage.
  • Who’s doing the massage or rub down. Does a coach’s trainer give his star players a massage? No way! He gives them a rub down. What about a nurse? Does the nurse even know what a rub down is? Do you remember the days when massage parlors were popular? You didn’t go there to get a rub down. You went there to get a massage, plus a few other extra benefits.
  • How you feel before getting whatever it is you’re getting. Massage is associated with therapy. When you get a massage, it’s because something is screw up in your system, and you feel rough when you get there. Rub down is associated with activity, sports, athletes and working out.  When you get a rub down, you already feel great. You think the rub down is going to make you feel better. That’s why you get it. Of course, there’s another reason. Maybe you want to be like Tom Brady.
  • One sounds masculine, and the other, feminine. Men like to get a rub down because it is masculine, or macho. Women prefer a massage because it is feminine.

Hey, Dude! I’m cool! I’m gonna get me a rub down!

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