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We live in a Divided Country, but not for the reasons you might think

divided-countryFor the last few years, the media has expressed many opinions on why we live in a divided country. The most obvious reason, according to the media, is racial tension.

Nothing is more farther from the truth. Forget race, religion, creed, and even politics. The divided country is the result of the people who live in it, and their wants and desires based on what their so-called leaders tell them.

By now, everyone should know that the media doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. This is evident, by the gigantic egg they laid during the Presidential Election results between Hillary Clinton and our next President, Donald Trump.

Divided Country means, people expect their leader to do what he (or she) says

The real reason for the divided country is the expectations of its people, based on what they’ve been promised.

On the one hand, there are the people who want to hustle, work hard, be the best they can be and make something of themselves. On the other hand, there are the people who don’t want to do a damn thing, but expect it all to be laid in their laps.

To simplify this, let’s call the latter Democrats, and the former, Republicans.

Republicans and Democrats – most misunderstood by the people

People automatically assume the Republicans are for the rich man, and the Democrats, for the commoner. This is B S.

The Republicans are for the person who wants to be rich, and is willing to do anything it takes to achieve that dream. Are the Republicans only in favor of big business? Hell no! Ronald Reagan loved small business.

The Democrats want to be rich themselves, but don’t want their followers to be rich. They exert power over their followers, and mislead them each and every way they can.

In summary, here’s the difference between the two.

The Republican

He wants his followers to be successful. By the same token, he’s not going to lay it right in their laps. His response may be something like, “Son, I wish you success in your business. However, it’s going to take some effort and hard work on your part. But you can do it.”

The Republican wins people over by encouragement.

Finally, the Republican’s motto is: Do what I say, and copy what I do!

The Democrat

He wants to be rich and successful, but couldn’t care less about the people who follow him. Therefore, he promises handouts to those people who are stupid enough to believe him.

The Democrat wins people over by manipulation.

Finally, the Democrat’s motto is: Do what I say, and, NOT what I do!

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