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Do e-cigarettes cause lung cancer? Regular cigarettes didn’t ????

Portland, Maine became the 275th city to ban e-cigarettes from public places. Many people around the country are furious about this. One man came all the way from Boston to attend the meeting. People are convinced that e-cigarettes are good for you. DEJA VU.


Take a good look at the pictures. This is what someone’s lung looks like when they have lung cancer. I know this picture is gruesome and horrifying. You’re probable upset at the sight of it. I posted it for a reason. I want everyone to stop smoking those damn cigarettes. They killed my wife five years ago. I don’t want them to kill anyone else. Don’t even smoke e-cigarettes. There are too many unknowns, that could be very frightening. Read on, and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

The main reason Portland enforced the ban was because e-cigarettes have not been regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

E-cigarettes are supposed to be a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes, right?

People think e-cigarettes are good for them. Does this sound familiar? When traditional cigarettes first came out, everyone thought they were good for them. The old cigarette commercials on TV promoted cigarettes by saying, “They make your throat feel so good.” The people who bought into this are not feeling bad. They’re not exactly feeling good either. They’re feeling nothing, because they’re six feet under.

No one thought traditional cigarettes caused lung cancer. Today, no one thinks e-cigarettes cause lung cancer. When cigarettes first came out, no one had ever even heard about lung cancer.

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