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Do people like you? Do you care? Turn the table

do-people-like-youIf you have an inferiority complex, you probably go around all the time and say to yourself, “I wonder if people like me.” If you do, there is a reason. Perhaps you think you are ugly. Maybe you think you are stupid. Maybe you think you are worthless. Maybe these things are true. But that’s what you believe. Change your beliefs.

Turn the table on these idiots

The fact is, WHO GIVES A DAMN? You’re better than the people who don’t like you.

The question is, WHY SHOULD YOU GIVE A DAMN? You know you’re better than the people who don’t like you.

Instead of going around whining, moaning, bitching and complaining about whether or not people like you, you should say something else to yourself:

“I wonder if I like them.”

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