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Do you want to be abducted by aliens?

aliensThis is how eight people answered this question:

  • People are abducted by aliens every day and forced into slave labor. Another description for it is Human trafficking.
  • It’s an honor to be abducted by aliens. If they like you, and take to you, you’ll be the leader of their world.
  • I’d love to be abducted by aliens. The female aliens must look good in those tight alien jeans.
  • Aliens are located in the Appalachian mountains and the desert. If you move to one of those regions, your chances of being abducted will be much higher.
  • Keep dreaming, My Friend.
  • I wouldn’t mind it so much, provided they let me call home to let the family know that I am OK.
  • Trust me, you don’t want this because you can get raped.
  • Well, if you  dream a little bit harder, it could happen.

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