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Why a doctor should never have a affair with his nurse

doctor affairThe Late Doctor Morelli was a friend of mine

Poor Doctor Morelli! He really screwed up, literally. 3 years ago, he had an affair with his nurse. One day, at the office, she told him the last thing he wanted to hear, “I’m pregnant.”

Doctor Morelli told her, “I’ve got to get you out of town until the baby is born. Twice a year, I visit Italy. I know hundreds of places where you can go. I’ll cover all of your expenses, and will keep you on salary while you’re on leave of absence. You can have the baby, and let me know when it happens. Is that OK with you?”

The nurse said, “Yes, but how will I let you know? I can’t just call you and tell you. Your wife won’t like it.”

Dr. Morelli said, “That’s right. I have an idea. When the baby is born, send me an anonymous post card and write the word Pasta on it. Then I’ll know.”

Doctor Morelli got a big surprise

8 months later, while at the office, Doctor Morelli received a phone call from his wife. “We got the strangest post card in the mail.” He said, “Wait, I’ll be home shortly and I’ll explain it to you.” He’d already thought of an explanation he was going to use.

When Doctor Morelli returned home, he took one look at the postcard, and had a massive heart attack. He died before the ambulance made it to the hospital. One of the doctors in the hospital tried to comfort his wife by asking her, “Did you anticipate anything like this? He seemed healthy. What could have happened?”

His wife, puzzled, showed him the card and read,

“Pasta, Pasta, Pasta, Pasta – Two with sausage and meatballs, two without.”

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