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Why you should see your regular Doctor, & not a Specialist

doctorWhen some people have an ailment in a certain part of their body, their first reaction is, “See a specialist.” Someone suffering from a severe case of athlete’s foot may want to see a podiatrist (foot doctor). If you have a bad case of psoriasis, your first thought is to see a dermatologist.

During the last several years, I’ve visited three dermatologists, and two foot doctors. In my opinion, none of these five doctors were better at treating my problems than my regular doctor. In fact, my regular family doctor treated them much better. Seeing these five doctors was nothing but a waste of time and money, and the symptoms never went away, until after I finally visited my family doctor.

Based on my experiences, I will never see a specialist unless I have to. The specialist must be a last resort. It must be a matter of life and death. A person is not likely to die from athlete’s foot or psoriasis.

See your regular family doctor first

Who knows? You may need a specialist to treat your ailment. If you eventually need a specialist, let your family doctor decide, and let him recommend the best doctor to see. Chances are, your regular doctor can treat your ailment. Why is this so? Because the specialist will most likely treat you the same way as your family doctor. He or she will examine you, diagnose the problem, and finally give you a prescription. Let your regular doctor do this first. This will save you a lot of time, money and dis-comfort.

Your regular doctor can write you the same prescriptions as a specialist. Some family doctors have friends who are specialists, who they can call for various opinions on the right medication to prescribe. Therefore, always visit your family doctor first. Of course, there are exceptions.

Sometimes, it’s appropriate to visit a specialist. A dentistophthalmologist (eye doctor), chiropractor or gynecologist can provide patient treatment in a way that your regular family doctor can’t.

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