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Donald Trump, great business man but amateur in politics

Donald Trump

Donald Trump will never win the election in November. He may be the more qualified candidate. He may be the people’s choice for our next President. But in November, Trump will be in never never land.

Politics is an art and the Clinton’s are artists. Donald Trump is just an art student

In the 1960 Presidential Election, John F. Kennedy was the democrat candidate, and Richard Nixon was the Republican. Nixon was supposed to win this election by a landslide. Many believe that Nixon was robbed of the Presidency. A few people have different opinions as to how Kennedy won the election. But the fact is, Kennedy was a master at politics. He knew how to win an election. But now, there’s someone in modern times with that same charisma.

Bill Clinton is the closest politician to being the modern day John F. Kennedy. And don’t sell Hillary Clinton short. When it comes to elections and politics, she’s no cowpuncher. Between the two of them, they will find a way to win this election, regardless of whether Trump is the favorite, and the odds. After it’s over, you will think she won it with mirrors. Donald Trump will never know what hit him.

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