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Easter Week – Who Is The Jerk Who Screwed Up This Week?

If you’re on a strict work schedule, the week was almost a total loss. It was no accident that this week was ruined for many people.

Who Ruined the week before Easter?

Was it Pontius Pilate?

easterWas it that ruthless bastard, Pontius Pilate, who ruined this week? This guy was lazy. Somebody else did his work for him. This lazy prosecutor, like so many, had all of the facts handed over to him on a silver platter. All he had to do was make a decision and tell other people what to do. Like so many attorneys and legal counselors, he did not have to think. I wonder if he even knew how to think.

Was it Judas Iscariot?


Was it that no count snitch, Judas Iscariot who ruined this week? Consider the facts. Judas was a business man. He loved money. Like so many ruthless business men, he was willing to sell out his best friend just to make a few quick bucks.

Was it King Herod?


That sorry bastard was not going to rest until all of the oldest boys in every family were put to death. What did King Herod have against boys? Did they ever do anything to him? Perhaps this is why Catholic Priests like little boys so much. This may be their way of rebelling against King Herod.

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