Elizabeth Smart story – Chance for Dr. Phil to increase his ratings

Elizabeth SmartElizabeth Smart is likely to be a very special guest on the Dr. Phil show in the near future. This is the kind of story that is probably making the TV Psychoanalyst water at the mouth.

For the last two years, the Dr. Phil show has been airing reruns. He has aired the Michelle Knight story and others, repeatedly. I know I’ve seen versions of the Michelle Knight story on his show at least three times.



Elizabeth Smart story has all of Dr. Phil’s specialties

Elizabeth Smart was held in captivity for 9 months by an addict who forced her to watch pornography. According to Smart, this made her “Living Hell Worse”.

Dr. Phil has dealt with all kinds of problems over the years. Some of his specialties have been, addictions, captivity, depression, tragedy and danger. The Elizabeth Smart captivity has it all.

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