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Ever wonder why people drink? Here’s the answer

why-people-drinkI like to drink because I’m a connoisseur. But not everyone who drinks is a connoisseur. Some are drunks, some like to have a good time, and then there are some who think they need to drink.

10 Reasons Why people drink

People drink for one or more of the following 10 reasons:

  • They don’t have enough money
  • They’ve lost the love of their life
  • They’ve lost their jobs or business
  • They are compulsive worrywarts, and drinking helps them escape
  • They think nobody likes them
  • They can’t handle the challenges life throws at them
  • They have obsessive compulsive disorder (Howard Hughes disease) and they drink to keep from driving themselves crazy
  • They’re trying too hard not to fail instead of trying to succeed, and the result is, they screw up
  • They’ve lost their sex drive, or their ability to get it on in the saddle
  • They are hypochondriacs and drinking gets their mind off the thought that they think they’re dying all the time

The real reason people drink

People drink and get drunk because they do some crazy shit when they are sober.

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