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Every political family has its black sheep – like Jed Bush

John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy – Two dangerous political figures

The two most powerful political families in history were the Kennedy’s and the Bush’s. Although Robert Kennedy didn’t become president, who knows what would have happened, had he not been assassinated on June 6, 1968. Brother Ted Kennedy was a loser in politics, from day one. The proof is justified by the fact that the people who got John and Bobby didn’t waste their time with Ted, because he was no threat to anyone. Meanwhile, the Kennedy family just faded away in the political world.

Jed Bush

No more Bush’s in the White House – Jed Bush is out

Jed BushJed Bush in the White House? Rest easy. It won’t happen.

The last time a Bush was forced out of the White House, it was compliments of one Mr. Ross Perot. But this didn’t end the Bush legacy. How the hell the second George Bush got in there is beyond me. But Americans won’t have to worry about seeing another Bush in the White House. Jed Bush is all but finished. Thanks to Donald Trump, the second Bush has been forced out of the presidency. Well done Mr. Trump.

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