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Can you get fired from your job for insulting someone on Facebook?

facebookI have a friend on Facebook who hates president Obama with a passion. He has called him every name under the sun. Well, almost every name. He’s a little crazy, but he’s not that crazy.

About 4 years ago, I posted something wild and crazy on Facebook. At the end of the post, I said, “This is not meant to offend anyone, and I don’t want to end up in Facebook Jail.” My friend commented, “Charlie, if Facebook hasn’t locked me up by now, you have nothing to worry about.”

Can your boss fire you for what you post on Facebook?

To begin, if your boss doesn’t like you anyway, he can fire you for wearing an ugly pair of shoes. To cover himself, he can always make a case about it being against company policy.

If your boss is indifferent about what he thinks of you, I can’t see him firing you for something you posted on Facebook. Since firing you is not the result of how you did your work, you could probably sue his ass. I don’t think he’d want to make any waves and go through the hassle of a lawsuit.

But for the sake of CYA, you’d better check with a lawyer, which I’m happy to say, I’m not.


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