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Why Is It That . . . . ?

facts-that-defy-logicWhy is it that Certain facts defy logic? Many things are a certain way. There is no logical reason or explanation. They are the way that they are, but many times, they should not be. Now, if I stop here, you will be as confused as I once was. Let me see if I can get you un-confused.

Why is it that – The two words, good and food are pronounced differently? The two words are the same, except for the first letter. It is not a vowel, and therefore, should not determine the pronunciation of the word. The words, good and hood are pronounced one way, while the words, food and mood are pronounced another way.

Why is it that – English is the hardest language to learn? We just answered this question. This will be the only “why is it that . .” question that will not defy logic, even though the reasons will.

Why is it that – Golf is a game that is played by the elite and upper class, while pool is played by the rough necks and cut-throats? Why isn’t it the other way around? The tough guys should like the outdoors.

Why is it that – Professional pool players wear tuxedos, while golfers dress casual? If golf is for the elite, and pool for the tough guys, the dress code should be reversed.

Why is it that – Croutons are wrapped and stored in a container to preserve freshness? If croutons are stale bread, they should not have to be kept fresh.

Why is is that – When the plane you are in lands at the airport, the airline stewardess welcomes you to the city where you have just arrived? She just arrived there herself. How can she welcome you there?

Why is it that – The dress attire of the coaches in the three major sports is different? Basketball coaches wear high fashion suits, or coats and ties. Football coaches wear a smelly pull over sport shirt, and sometimes a sweatshirt. Baseball managers wear a uniform like the players wear.

Why is it that – The head man for all sports teams, except one, is called the coach? The head man for a baseball team is called the manager.

Why is it that – The word strike can be bad sometimes, and good other times? In baseball, a strike is bad because it means you missed the ball. In bowling, a strike is good because you knocked down all of the pins. In fishing, a strike is good because it means you landed a fish. In business, a strike is bad because it means that workers don’t want to work any more.

Why is it that – Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants have to practice from now on? They should know how to get it right by now. If I am going to have surgery, I don’t want someone doing it who is practicing medicine. Forget the practicing crap. This is for real.

Why is it that – Many people love to drink wine? Wine is just rotten fruit, that has been sweetened with sugar, and turned into alcohol.

Why is it that – When technology has made a major advance, it is labeled as laser or digital? Perhaps these are the two choices of words, for lack of any better ones.

Why is it that – French fries are called that? They have no connection with the country of France.

Why is it that – The Fourth of July is called what it is called? No one calls New Years Day the first of January. Have you ever heard Halloweed referred to as the thirty first of October? What about Christmas? No one has ever referred to it as the twenty fifth of December.

Why is it that – Foods you buy at the grocers that contain no sugar cost more? Since one less ingredient was used, they should cost less.

Why is it that – The telephone charges you if you want an unlisted number? If they don’t have to list your number, this should be less work for them.

Why is it that – Many businesses located in Las Vegas have so many dissatisfied customers who keep coming back?

Why is it that – The Pyramids in Egypt have lasted so long? Today, buildings that were build less than twenty years ago are being torn down. It seems that, as time goes on, technology should be more advanced, and things should be made better.

Why is it that – Many of the big food companies sometimes label their products as homemade? As an example, let’s use Blue Bell Homemade Ice Cream. This was made in a factory. How can it be homemade. Even if Blue Bell’s CEO lived in the factory basement, and used a hot plate and a compact freezer, it still would not be homemade.

Why is it that – Colors are so inconsistent? Are certain colors good, and others bad? Not a chance. Many colors can mean good and bad. Take the color white. In the old western movies, the good guys always wore the white hats. A bride wears white because she is wholesome and pure. On the other hand, a karate man who wears white around his waist is likely to get his butt kicked. And don’t forget about those little white lies. Black means you are not wanted. A fraternity will blackball any pledge it does not want. To be on the blacklist means that no one wants to deal with you. Contrary to this, if a business is in the black, they are doing quite well. A karate man who wears black around his waist can whip the other karate man’s butt. A black tie affair is for the elite, sophistocated upper class. Don’t forget about Jack Daniels Black, and Johnny Walker Black. These are their best whiskeys. A blue ribbon means you have won first prize. But, if you are feeling blue, you are not feeling worth a damn. Yellow can mean that someone is a coward. However, the color yellow has made Jimmy Raines a very successful business man.

Why is it that – Banks advertise that they would love to loan you money? If you go the the bank for a loan, they will give you a hundred reasons why you should not borrow from them.

Why is it that – Many manufacturers, such a toy companies, use the phrase, batteries not included? This makes them loose many sales. It seems that it would make more sence for them to include the batteries, and charge extra for them. Therefore, their ads will not turn people off.

Why is it that – Ignorant people claim they know everything, while intelligent people will honestly say “I don’t know”, when they really don’t know something?

Why is it that – You can have a dream, and not remember when you had it? Sometimes, when you finally remember the dream, you don’t know if you had it last night, three weeks ago, of three months ago.

Why is it that – You remember things that you never experienced?

Why is it that – It is impossible to rotate your foot clockwise, and write the number “6” at the same time? Try it. it is impossible.

Why is it that – American spend millions of dollars each year for bottled water? They can get it free.

Why is it that – Millions of Americans smoke cigarettes? They know cigarettes will kill them.

Why is it that – People who are interviewed by the media love to cry? Are they doing it just to show off?

Why is it that – I am still awake, and thinking of all this crazy stuff? It’s almost 4:00 AM. I’m going to bed.

If you can think of any more crazy  “Why is it that . .” stuff, we would be happy if you would submit a guest post. We will publish it right way, provided it is clean!

Good night folks!

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