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Lady on Family Feud with wrong name cracks Steve Harvey Up

Steve Harvey, Host of Family Feud has one heck of a sense of humor
Steve Harvey

The long running TV game show, Family Feud, has had its moments over the years. The show has had a handful of hosts. Until recently, the one who stood out in my mind was Richard Dawson. Remember Mr. Dawson? He was the man who enjoyed kissing the women more than he enjoyed hosting the show. And why not? He had some very beautiful contestants on the show. But sometimes, I got the feeling that he’d kiss anything. My late Grandfather, who was a very entertaining man, once said, “He’d kiss a hog’s ass if you put it in front of him.”

Something happened on Family Feud yesterday that would have even gotten to Richard Dawson.

Richard Dawson - Family Feud

Steve Harvey is a great host, and has his own style

Steve Harvey is a great MC. He’s funny, entertaining, and incidentally, one of the best dressed men on television. But Steve will never have the reputation as the kissing host. One of the things that make Steve Harvey such an entertaining host is the mysteriousness about him. Many times, he’ll have a funny expression on his face about something funny said by a contestant, but won’t say exactly what he’s thinking. But viewers, like myself, usually have a pretty good idea.

Yesterday, I was watching Family Feud. The category was, “Name something you give your husband when he’s in a grumpy mood.”

In a category such as this, you can guess what the top answer will be. But sometimes, surveys can fool you, as yesterday. The contestants were two gorgeous women, and the first one to buzz said, “SEX.” Surprisingly, this was the number two answer. The other contestant guessed number one, which was “Food.”

As Mr. Harvey made his rounds to the team that decided to play, he asked one of the women “What’s your name?” Her answer was, “Shastity.” I believe he knew this because it was on her name tag, but he wanted to hear her say it.

Well, I’m sure you don’t need to ask where I’m going with this. Chastity is very close to Shastity. Just substitute one letter, and you have a term synonymous with NO SEX. Wrong name for this category. But what happened next has to be in the archives of the most memorable moments on Family Feud.

Oh yeah! Steve Harvey had an expression on his face, but like no other. He was so cracked up he couldn’t talk without that sense of laughter in his voice. My guess is, the TV crew had to stop filming the show to give Mr. Harvey a chance to re-gain his composure. There have been some funny moments on Family Feud over the years, and this one should rank up there with them.



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