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Fan belted by Stephan Curry’s mouthpiece sitting on gold mine

Stephan Curry apologized to fan, but didn’t ask for his mouthpiece

Stephan Curry

If I were the fan who was belted by Stephan Curry’s mouthpiece, would I be angry? Certainly not. That’s a valuable piece of merchandise.

Moments after Stephan Curry fouled out of the sixth game of the NBA Championship Series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the two time most valuable player went into a fit of rage, threw his mouthpiece at the fans, and was ejected from the game.

The fan has to realize how good he has it. He can list the mouthpiece on Ebay, advertise it as Stephan Curry’s mouthpiece and make a fortune.

I hope this does not entice anyone to do something dishonest. It would be so easy to buy a mouthpiece at a Sporting Goods store, chew on it a little, and list it on Craigslist or Ebay as Stephan Curry’s mouthpiece. By the end of this championship series, I wonder how many Stephan Curry Mouthpieces will be listed.

In baseball, I can recall what happened after Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb’s all time hit record in 1985. There were about 150 bats that Pete Rose used to get the record breaking hit.

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