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How to get good ideas – This will work and it never fails

how-to-get-good-ideasOne of the hardest things to do is come up with good ideas. You have probably told yourself many times, “If I can come up with one good idea, I’d be set for life.” Now, there is a way.

Follow these 3 steps

First, fill a glass with water to the brim. Don’t use a coffee cup, or Styrofoam cup. The method won’t work unless you use a glass.

Second, before you go to bed, hold the glass with both hands, close your eyes and drink half the water. While drinking, think of the ideas you’re trying to come up with. After drinking the water, don’t say another word. Place the half filled glass on the night table, and go to bed.

Third, if you wake up with a good idea, drink the rest of the water normally. If you don’t wake up with a good idea, hold the glass with both hands, close your eyes and drink the rest of the water. Again, while drinking, think of the ideas you’re looking for. Within an hour or two, your mind will be flooded with good ideas.

Is this BS or NOT? NO, IT IS NOT!

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