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Golden State Warriors are hard team to figure out

What’s with the Golden State Warriors?

Golden State Warriors - Stephen Curry

As I was watching the series between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder, I was very surprised to see the defending NBA Champions lose two straight games by a blow out. But after watching them last night in Cleveland, I was not as surprised to see another blow out loss.

Face the facts. Had it not been for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson having excessively hot shooting nights in the last three games of  the series with the Thunder, they would have never seen LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This led me to believe that the Warriors only have one weapon, the three point shot. And as you live by the three point shot, you also die by it.

But then, as I noticed in the seventh game against the Thunder, and the first two games with the Cavaliers, Curry and Thompson were not factors in those games. Stephen Curry’s point total in the first two games against Cleveland was 37. This is far below his average of 30 points per game. Consequently, this lead me to believe that, perhaps, the Warriors have more weapons than the three point shot, considering the first two games were blow out wins.

But blow out wins are just like the three point shot. If you live by the blow out, you’ll also die by it. It’s nice to have depth, and a strong bench. But the Warriors are known for their two superstars, Curry and Thompson. They must have banner nights for the team to be consistent. Otherwise, the game is Even Stephen, no pun intended.

Are the Golden State Warriors a dynasty yet?

True dynasties, like the Celtics, Lakers and Spurs, are based on consistency, and a good organization. Whether or not the Warriors belong in this class remains to be seen. Are they a true dynasty, or, just a team having some fun while the party lasts?

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