Golf attracts too many HOT-HEADS

Why do so many angry golfers damage their clubs?

golf-clubsThis is stupid. I am not about to damage my golf club. I paid too much money for them. Most of the golfers who have these temper tantrums are just weekend golfers.

There can be three reasons why these hot-heads like to do this.

First, their ego could be getting the best of them. This has to be my number one choice. Weekend golfers have an ego. Every weekend golfer likes to talk about how great his golf game is, when in reality, it sucks.

Second, they want a new set of clubs, and just need a good excuse to buy them. I have the ultimate excuse. I just want a new set of clubs. That’s it – short and to the point. Besides, don’t damage your old clubs, You can always sell them on Ebay. If they are damaged, no one will want to buy them.

Finally, they probably think they are much better golfers than they really are. I’d be the first to admit that I am not that good a golfer. But who cares?  I have fun, fun, fun.

Who do they think they are, Tiger Woods?

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