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How good are you at Rolling the Dice ?

rolling the diceRolling the Dice – Here are the rules

Every time you roll the dice you get $3 million.

If the dice lands on double sixes, you will go to jail for 30 years, but you still get the $3 million.

Would you play? Is so, how many times would you roll?

Here’s some alternatives

Negotiate! Don’t negotiate money. Negotiate years. Ask for 10 years jail time. If you’re in your twenties or even your thirties, you’ll still be young when you get out, and you are set for the rest of your life. And just think about the interest you will earn while you are in jail. Also, consider that you might get lucky and never land on double sixes. If so, how many times would you roll?

If you can’t get the years down, don’t roll, unless you are over the age of 70. At least you will spend the rest of your life with someone else taking care of you, and your family will be set for life.

If you can’t get the money up and the years down, consider playing, but on one condition. You can use your own dice.

Finally, Don’t play at all, which is my best advice. The House Always Wins!

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