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The Greatest Fighter vs The Greatest

Muhammad Ali-Rocky Marciano

Muhammad Ali – The Greatest, but was he the Greatest Fighter?

No one will ever know the answer. Let’s use a little imagination. If Muhammad Ali at his best had actually touched gloves with Rocky Marciano at his best, it would have been the greatest fight of all time. Forget the Rumble in the Jungle and the Thrilla in Manila. George Foreman and Joe Frazier would have been no match for Rocky Marciano.

Rocky MarcianoAt the time when Muhammad Ali was stripped of his title, in 1967, there was no one on the planet who could have beaten him. Rocky was alive then, but had retired thirteen years before. He wouldn’t have exactly been at his best. But if the Brockton Blockbuster had been at his best, who would have won the fight of the ages?

There was one thing Rocky didn’t know how to do, which was, LOSE! Every time he stepped into the ring, he didn’t think he was going to win. He knew he was going to win. Rocky’s record as a heavy weight fighter was 49 wins and no defeats, with 43 knockouts. People can talk all they want about the great records in sports, but this is greater than all of them put together. There’ll never be another fighter who will match this.

The fight of the ages – Here’s what would have happened

  • Muhammad Ali would have had his way with Rocky Marciano during most of the fight.
  • Ali would have humiliated Rocky.
  • At times, Ali would have hurt him.
  • Ali would have tried to put Rocky away early in the fight.
  • In the early rounds, Rocky would have come after Ali, but The Greatest would have been too fast for him.
  • Ali would have cut Rocky. He would have made his face look like it went through a meat grinder.
  • Ali would have knocked Rocky down once or twice.

Muhammad Ali would have done everything to Rocky Marciano except one thing:


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