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Do you believe we have a Guardian Angel? True story is proof

Your Guardian Angel is there one minute, and gone the next. But it does exist.


Imagine yourself in deep trouble, with no hope. Then you desperate ask yourself, “I wonder where my guardian angel is?”

Your guardian angel will show up by surprise, without your knowing it

A few years ago, I was struggling with a serious personal problem. This was a problem I desperately needed to solve, but had a very short time to do it.

One day, I stopped at a convenience store. The clerk behind the counter was a heavy set Afro American gentleman, who was very friendly. As I was paying for my merchandise, he said to me, “Don’t worry, Son. God will come through for you, and you have my word on it. And He’s gonna come through for you on time.”

I was a little confused. I’d never met him before, and during my short visit, didn’t tell him anything about myself. I asked him, “Do you know me?” He said, “Yes, I do, and I know what you’re going through now. Just trust me.” Then I said, “If what you’re saying is true, and God does come through for me, you’ll be the first to know it.”

I left the store and went to my car. Then, I suddenly realized that I didn’t get the gentleman’s name and phone number. I went back into the store, and saw another gentleman behind the counter. I asked him, “Where’s that other gentleman who waited on me a few minutes ago?” He asked, “Who are you talking about?” I said, “The heavy-set Afro American gentleman.” Then he said, “There’s no one working here who fits this description. I’m the only one here. Are you feeling all right?” I responded, “I never felt better!”

Was the first gentleman I spoke with my guardian angel?

Do you believe you have a guardian angel?

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