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The worst feeling in the world – This makes you look forward to a hangover

hangoverIt’s almost a person’s sacred duty to get drunk occasionally

Rule Number 1: If you want to get drunk, go ahead. Just make sure you stay at home, out of danger, and don’t drive. I see no problem with this. It’s a person’s sacred duty to do this every once in a while.

Rule Number 2: If you decide to get drunk, do not, I repeat, DO NOT get drunk on wine. It you decide not to take my advice, let me give you a description of what you have to look forward to.

This makes a hangover feel like a picnic

If you’ve never been drunk on wine, this is something you have to experience to believe.

You don’t really feel any different at first. Then, you try to sleep if off. Suddenly, you feel something moving. You can’t tell if it’s the bed, the covers, the mattress, the room or the house. It’s worse then being in the Twilight Zone. You can’t stay in that bed, so you go to the place where you think you’ll get relief, but I’m afraid you’re in for a disappointment.

You do to the bathroom. You have to go. And when I say go, I really mean go. You sit on the toilet. The problem is, you also need a toilet in front of you.

That’s right. You have it coming out of both ends of your body at the same time. And that, my friend, is

The Worst Feeling in the World!

This has happened to me twice in my life. You may be asking, “Why did you do it a second time?” I guess I could say that I was young, cocky, and didn’t believe it the first time.

Both times, I was never more happy to have a hangover in my life!

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