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What happened today? Justice for Pete Rose?

Pete Rose
Today, August 24, in 1989, Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life after being accused of gambling charges. At the time, Pete was the manager of the Cincinnati Reds. But that’s not the big story. What happened after he was banned was very interesting.

Bart GiamattiBart Giamatti, president of Yale University, had just been named as Baseball Commissioner. He was given the job for one reason only – To give Pete Rose the ax.

8 days after Giamatti made the announcement that Pete was banned from baseball, on September 1, he died of a heart attack.

Many pissed off Pete Rose fans were screaming, “What goes around comes around.”

Finally, the outspoken sportscaster, Howard Cossell, blamed Pete Rose for Giamatti’s death in an interview, and literally called Pete a murderer.

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