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Happy Birthday Internet, aka, WORLD WIDE WEB

internetHappy Birthday, Internet. You Are 25 Years Old Today

I want to take this opportunity to wish a very happy birthday to the greatest guy in the area of technology. His name is


Just think about it. 25 years ago today, certain terminology had a different meaning from what it has today.

  • A guy by the name of Craig and a girl named Angie actually had hand-written lists.
  • The word, ghost, was a noun, and referred to someone coming back from the dead. Now, ghost is a verb, meaning that your ad will not be posted, and you have been double-crossed.
  • A web was something you would find in your house if you didn’t clean it regular.
  • When you heard the terms, http, html, url, and xml, you may have thought they were small colleges that found a way to get into the NCAA Basketball tournament.
  • People thought blog was a temporary ailment, similar to the gout.
  • Spam was only something that could be purchased in a supermarket. It was in a can, and loaded with fat and cholesterol.
  • A bookmark was an IBM card that you placed in a book so you would not lose your place.
  • Social Media was simply hanging around the local Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, etc. Some may have thought of it as a disease.
  • A tag was only something that the law required you to put on your car once a year.
  • Cookie was only a small, crunchy, delicious snack treat.
  • Yahoo meant that you were excited about something.
  • Java was a tune made famous by the legendary trumpet player, Al Hirt.
  • Password was a TV game show hosted by the late, great Allen Ludden.


  • Ping was mostly known for their golf clubs.
  • A server was only someone who brought food to your table.
  • People contacted viruses, not machines.
  • People who did a lot of research had to drive back and forth to the library. Now, the library is all but obsolete.
  • Facebook could have been a number of things. It could have been a book for women on how to apply makeup in different ways. It could also have been a book on how to make hundreds of funny faces.
  • Amazon was only a river in South America.
  • Words like Google, Fark, Twitter and Wiki did not exist. If your were caught saying these words, someone would have thought you were trying to re-invent the English language, and they would have had you put is a straight jacket.
  • CPA was the guy who did your taxes every year. Now, it means Cost Per Action.
  • Internet was associated with fishing. Of course, this may still be true today.

Happy Birthday WORLD WIDE WEB.

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