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Heaven is like Life is now, with 3 Major Differences

Heaven will have life’s best moments but not the worst

heaven-yankee-stadiumThe most enthusiastic baseball fan attended his first game in Yankee Stadium during the 1950’s. He walked into this historical monument and said, “This is what Heaven will be like.” The avid golfer said the same thing when he visited Winged Foot Country Club the first time. What do these two examples have in common? They were  both breath-taking experiences.

The first time I ate at Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet, would you like to guess what I said? If you guessed, “This is what Heaven will be like”, you’re one hundred percent right. Although this is not your usual breath-taking experience, I enjoyed every minute I was there, and I still do every time I visit this wonderful restaurant.

Life would be so perfect, if only . . .

heaven-winged-foot-golf-clubFamous baseball stadiums, beautiful golf courses. the finest places to eat, and the many other things people associate with happiness are in this life, and right in front of us. Life does have its great moments.

Unfortunately, there are distractions in everyday life that make it far from perfect. Heaven will be very different. All of the distractions, corruption, indecision, lack of knowledge, and the many other twists and turns that life throws at us will no longer exist.


3 things that will be different in Heaven

By now, you must realize that life is sometimes great. When we get to Heaven, we will continue life as we leave it here, with all of the great moments. But there will be three things about Heaven that are different from life, as we now know it. And let me state, specifically, that these are MAJOR DIFFERENCES.

The Fourth Dimension

I’m about to explain this so simply, that a second grader can understand it.

As I speak about dimensions, I’m referring to our ability to move from one space (place) to another. In life as we know it, there are three dimensions.

  • Up and Down. If you want to go up, you can climb a ladder. To go down, just climb down the ladder. That’s all there is to it. So you see, it’s very simple to move within this dimension.
  • Right and Left. This is the same principle. Suppose you’re sitting in a parked car, behind the steering wheel, and you want to move to the passenger side. All you have to do is move a few feet to your right. Again, moving within the second dimension is very easy.
  • Forward and Backward. Suppose you need to go to your mailbox to get your mail. You walk forward to your mailbox, and when you’re finished, you walk backward to where you started.

heavenHeaven will have the three dimensions. But in Heaven, there will be another dimension, the Fourth Dimension. The Fourth Dimension is TIME. In this dimension, time is:

Past, Present and Future

In Heaven, we’ll do two things we can’t do in this life. First, we’ll move from the present to the future, and back. Second, we’ll move from the present to the past, and back.

Moving through time will be just as routine as moving through space. As a result, Heaven will not be crowded.

Here’s an example of how this Fourth Dimension will apply. Suppose you’re an avid golfer. And yes, there will be golf in Heaven. You have a tee-time set for 3 PM the next day. At the precise moment you hit your first tee shot, there will be a thousand other people teeing off, but in different times.

No Evil and Corruption

If everyone in the world was completely honest, life would be perfect. The world would be an awesome place to live.

Unfortunately, this will not happen in life, as we know it. The world is evil and corrupt. All of us are a part of this deception. It has nothing to do with what we may or may not have done. Everyone is caught up in a vicious circle, with no way out.

There are problems in the world that humans cannot possibly resolve. For years, I believed that Jesus Christ would eventually come back here some day to straighten everything out. But I’ve changed my belief. He’s going to have all of the evil, corruption and problems resolved at the precise moment we arrive in Heaven. How He will do it is a mystery, and I’m not going to touch this. But when the time comes, we’ll know it, beyond any doubt.

People who have differences with other people both think the other is evil. People are not evil. Only their natures are evil. These are left behind when we leave this life. People have enemies. That’s human nature. If you meet your worst enemy in Heaven, will he still hate you like he did in life? The answer is NO. Will you hate him. Again, the answer is NO. There will be no hate in Heaven. Why? Because there will be no devil. Satan will be history.

There will be only one ruler – God, the Father of Jesus Christ. He will not rule with threats, intimidation, corruption, fraud, and violence. He will rule with love, kindness, compassion and understanding.


Many times, we come so close to finding the answers. “If I could just figure this out, and put my finger on the problem, things would be perfect.” This is one form of Deja Vu, one of life’s many mysteries. We will never know the answers in this life because our minds are too preoccupied. In Heaven, every question will be answered. Deja Vu will not exist, because we’ll have all of the answers.

In an article on Deja Vu, I said that we remember things from our past, but don’t know for sure if they really happened. We also have dreams that are very real, but make no sense. When we try to find the answers to these situations, the mind goes completely blank. In Heaven, these questions, among many, will be answered.

Finally, we will have the answers to the questions about the ultimate mystery – God. In Heaven, we will know Him at the precise moment we arrive.

Closing thoughts

You may notice that I said nothing about the other place. I’ll go ahead and name it, because it does exist. The other place is HELL! But hell does not exist after we leave this life. The only hell is in this life, as we know it.

Some people label others as evil. Is this unfair? I refuse to answer this question. However, these people are the ones who catch hell (no pun intended) from others, while the real culprit is overlooked. Oh yes, there’s someone who hates people, and will do everything in his power to destroy them. But I’ve already said, the real evil one does not exist in Heaven.

Are we all going to Heaven? I don’t know, but I’d like to think so.

Will every person who is evil in this life be evil in Heaven? The answer is, NO! Remember, Heaven will have the Greatest Ruler in the entire universe, and He will not allow this.

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