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Hillary Clinton Colin Powell Emails will get Trump off the hook

Hillary Clinton Colin Powell Emails

“Colin Powell told Hillary Clinton to use a private email server . . “

Somehow, it doesn’t seem possible that the former Secretary of State would resort to this. Hillary Clinton stepped in dog doo, and seems to be stepping in more and more, but only when her lips move.

This woman is a candidate for President of the United States. Surely she can handle herself more tactfully than she has. It’s as if she’s been lying all along, and has to tell more lies to cover her ass.

Hillary Clinton Colin Powell Emails scandal about to blow it for Hillary

Hillary Clinton almost “had it made”in the upcoming election. She’s had Donald Trump down on the canvas for the count. She even turned his own party against him.

Now, she has given the long-time business entrepreneur some new life. All of this is because she is not as good a liar as her husband. If this had happened to Bill Clinton, he would be so smooth about the incident, that the reporters and politicians would actually be apologizing to him.

Incidentally, Colin Powell recently criticized the Republican party, by saying that the GOP race has “Gone into the Mud”. With this latest scandal, he could be very influential in getting his own party back on track.

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