Hope Solo suspension is double standard to many, except USOC

Hope Solo

Ryan Lochte is not the only athlete who stepped in manure in the Rio Olympics. Immediately after the U.S. Olympic Committee suspended Hope Solo for unsportsmanlike comments and trash talk, many people were quick to compare the goalkeeper and Ryan Lochte, who made up a false robbery story and vandalized a Rio gas station.

Ryan Lockte is about to pursue another career. I knew there’d be something for a man with special talents.

Is one athlete more expendable than the other?

Team U.S. may be saying, “With the possible retirement of Michael Phelps, we may need this guy in 2020.” The U.S. loves their swimming, but doesn’t give a hoot about soccer. Perhaps their logic is to hold off suspending this guy. One thing’s for sure. If he’s swimming in Tokyo in 4 years, he will put a lot of butts in the seats, and will be the most watched athlete. On the other hand, Hope Solo will be over the hill by the time the Tokyo games begin.

Of course, there’s another angle. The games in Rio were good, as far as the competition was concerned. In all other areas, the games were a disaster. I attended a few events at the games, and believe me when I say, the City of Rio isn’t nearly as glamorous as it appeared on TV. I think both the USOC and the IOC realized a mistake was made having the games in Rio.

Even though Ryan Lochte’s story was fake, how do we know that something like this couldn’t have really happened? From what I saw in Rio, I’d say it is very possible. If there is, seemingly, a double standard, perhaps Team USA is trying to prove a point.

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