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How to handle a crazy person in a relationship

Let’s face reality. In a relationship, the woman thinks the man is crazy, and the man thinks the woman is crazy.

Chances are, they’re both right. Knowing this is the truth is very important. If one person in the relationship knows this, and admits that both are crazy, he or she has the advantage, and is more capable of dealing with it.

Here are seven situations you may have to deal with, and how you should deal with them. This is non-sexist. This is directed to both men and women.

7 Ways to Deal with a Crazy Person in a Relationship

The person tells you up front, “Be honest with me if you don’t like me.”

honestyIf someone in a relationship tells you this, don’t buy into it. They are full of s__t! Oh, they expect you to be honest with them, but they have no intention of being honest with you. This is the classic double standard. They don’t exactly like you, but they won’t tell you because they think they could learn to like you. They just want to string you along, just in case they have a change of heart, which they seldom do. But, if you’re honest with them, they get upset and say something like, “Why do you want to end this?”

If this is going on in your relationship, get the hell out. The person is playing games, and it will not get better in the near future.


The person is not sure they like or don’t like you, but they watch your every move

surveillanceWith the power of Social Media, your friend can watch everything you’re doing, without talking to you for a week. If you’re on Facebook, they get upset because they think you’re talking with someone else. If they don’t like you, why should this matter. The answer is, because they want to keep their claim to you, just in case. You won’t be able to take a dump, in fear that he or she is watching. Also, this takes away any margin of error in the relationship. Whatever you do, or don’t do, you are in for hell, my Friend.

If this is going on in your relationship, get the hell out. Everything you do will piss this person off.



The person won’t answer the phone, and then gets angry because you won’t call again

telephone-callOnce again, this person is showing all the earmarks of a gamer. It’s OK to talk if this person wants to talk. But if you want to talk and he or she doesn’t, that’s different. Here’s the old double standard again. DAMN, I hate double standards. What’s even more nauseating is, when you finally talk to them, they say something like, “I’ve been thinking about you, and I miss you.” This is BULL S__T!

Again, get as far away as you can. There is always something better out there.




The person rather text you, because they don’t want to talk to you

textingI’m not even going to deliberate on this. This is the coward’s way out. Again, this has to do with the first thing, which is, honesty.






If you are widowed, never get into a relationship with another who is widowed

widowedAll he or she will do is talk about their beloved soul mate who passed on a few years ago. Then, they will accuse you of doing the same thing, and say something like, “I don’t think you ever really got over him / her.”





If you are in a relationship, you probably became friends on Facebook

facebookThe old Social Media surveillance watch comes back to haunt you. By now, you know that this is not going to work, at lease, in the near future. The other person has done nothing but play games with you. No matter how much you care about this person, you know it will be difficult to save the relationship. It could happen, but it would take a miracle. But miracles do happen. But get out for now. If it is meant to work, it will, but it is entirely out of your hands. The best way to get out is, un-friend them on Facebook. This is not done out of spite and deception. You do this to spare yourself the pain from being reminded of what could have been. If you do this, it will royally piss them off. But what’s ironic is, they are not pissed because you un-friended them. They are pissed because you did it to them before they could do it to you.



If the person comes back, be kind, understanding, forgiving, and keep an open mind

happy-endingThe best day of my life was the day I realized I was crazy. Face it. Aren’t we all a little crazy? Once I accepted myself for who I am, I was at peace with myself. When a person finds out they’re crazy, they tend to change. If this person comes back to you, keep an open mind. If someone means a great deal to you, and is very special to you, then what happened in the past should not keep you from moving forward. There’s no such thing as being set in your ways. People can change, at all ages.

Who knows? If this person comes back, you may be enlightened on some things you did wrong in the relationship, but were not aware of. You may be surprised. In fact, this is exactly what happened to me in a relationship once. I was madly in love with this woman. We dated for about 8 months. Things were not going so good. I felt like she just took me for granted, and only wanted me when it was convenient for her. We broke up. I thought my chances of walking on the moon were better than our getting back together. I couldn’t get her off my mind. About a year and a half later, we got back together, and BOY did she tell me some things about myself? The funny part is, I agreed with her.

To make a long story short, we were married 8 months later. For almost 20 years, we had a very happy marriage until she was taken away from me by lung cancer.

If someone is crazy, that’s OK. Face it. We’re all a little crazy. Those who know they are crazy can start living a very happy life.

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