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I was asked, ‘Do you have a bathroom?’ by a guest

do-you-have-a-bathroomSaturday evening, I was entertaining some guests in my house. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, and drank Budweiser. A few of my guests were bold, and wanted the stronger stuff, so I got out the bottle of Jack Daniels.

After we ate, most of my guests were feeling pretty good. We all went out on the deck in the back of the house, and just let loose and acted like we all didn’t have a care in the world. We talked about stuff that didn’t mean a thing, but it sure was fun.

Later on, one of my guests asked the this question, “Do you have a bathroom?” This is how I answered him.


No, I don’t have a bathroom. I made an arrangement with the gas station on the corner. When they’re closed, I just go outside and piss in the back yard.

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