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In Selma, John Lewis said, “. . .finish this work”

selmaThe statement made by Rep. John Lewis, during the 50th anniversary celebration in Selma was, “We must use this moment to recommit ourselves to do all we can to finish this work. There’s still work to be done,”

What’s there to finish, John? Let it go. The past can’t be undone, wrong or right. What was done fifty years ago was wrong. Are you going to spend the rest of your life dwelling on it?

It was appropriate to celebrate in Selma, commemorating 50 years since “Bloody Sunday”. But people are reminded of Selma, and the Civil Rights Movement over and over again, year in and year out. People of both races were hurt by the movement. By the same token, many people of both races would rather forget it and move on with their lives. Why keep bringing it up again and again?

There’s no wondering why there was violence in Ferguson, MO. People like John Lewis provoke it.

I have many black friends who have said to me, “Why do they have to keep bringing this up? Why don’t they let it die? Every time I hear about this, it hurts.” You don’t hear the Jewish people bitching over and over again about what Hitler did to them.

I’ve always believed that doo-doo should not be stirred up. If you keep stirring it up, it stinks. It should be left there to lie, and eventually dry up and fade away.

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