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Did Angie Dickinson predict this year’s Iron Bowl football game?

Was Angie Dickinson psychic when she told Frank Sinatra that Auburn beat Alabama by 12 points in the Iron Bowl?

History of the Iron Bowl

In the history of the game between Auburn and Alabama, known as the Iron Bowl, Auburn had never won the game by 12 points until this year. Before Auburn man-handled the Tide, the only game in the series that was decided by 12 points was won by Alabama in 1903 by the score or 18 to 6. That game was played in Highland Park, Montgomery. I think it is accurate to say that Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson did not announce the game. I don’t even think the game was on television. Was television even invented then?

iron-bowl-ralph-shug-jordanIt wasn’t even called the Iron Bowl then. It was, however, known as the Iron Bowl when Angie made her prediction. Auburn coach, Ralph “Shug” Jordan invented the name, Iron Bowl, because the game was played in Birmingham, AL every year.

Auburn wanted to move the game to their campus every other year because Birmingham was like a home game for Alabama. Unfortunately, in the late 50’s, Alabama Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant wanted the advantage, and took the matter to the State Legislature. Bryant pulled a lot of underhanded stuff like this, which is why his 323 wins was tainted. He hated Auburn, and he hated anyone he couldn’t beat, especially Texas and Notre Dame. Auburn finally won this battle. The first game played in Auburn was in 1989, when Auburn beat an undefeated Alabama team by the score of 30 to 20.

By the way, the movie in which Angie made this prediction is “Ocean’s 11”, a 1960 Rat Pack classic.

Whether Angie Dickinson was psychic or not, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m always happy to see Auburn beat Alabama. They don’t have the “Bear” to bail them out anymore.

I have heard, from at least 3 sources, that Angie Dickinson attended Auburn University. However, I don’t know for sure if this is true.


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