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Tax Deadline is Here – Beware of IRS Scam Artists

irsThe IRS Scam Artists are in rare form this time of the year

The last two years, many scammers have been calling people claiming to be Internal Revenue Service agents.

They’ll call you, say that you’re in trouble and threaten you. Then they tell you a policeman will call you back if you don’t cooperate. Finally, they ask you for money, and tell you where to send it. Some even have a side kick posing as a police officer. If you hang up, the sidekick will call back and threaten to come arrest you right away. Some may not even use a sidekick, and call you back with a disguised voice from the first call. Finally, if you are scared out of your pants, you just pay them.


The IRS does not operate this way

First of all, the real, true, one hundred percent IRS never calls anyone over the telephone. Second they never threaten anyone.

The IRS does not have to threaten you. All they have to do is send you a letter, say they’re the IRS, and you’re already threatened.

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