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Is it OK to cheat on your lover, and deny it?


This is what some people have to say about this touchy subject:

• Well you can but in the end you’ll get caught anyway. Then, it’s curtains for you.

• Some might say: “Don’t do what I do, Do what I say, No it isn’t okay!”

• Some will even go so far as to say, “Sure it’s OK. That’s what makes the world go round.”

• The most logical answer is, “If someone cheats on me and denies it, OK. But this person will never be trusted again.”

The bottom line is, NO! It’s not OK to cheat on your lover and deny it. The reason is, if you cheat the first time, you’ll cheat the second time, Then, there will be a third, forth and fifth time.

How do you keep from cheating on someone the second time? It’s simple.

Don’t cheat on someone the first time.

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