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Is my son gay? He kissed his best friend. How can I tell?

is-my-son-gayWe get crazy emails all the time. But we love getting them. Please don’t stop sending them. Nothing is too crazy. Remember, this is Merjeo. Anything goes. The wilder, crazier, weirder, more bazaar, THE BETTER.

We will continue to share the better ones with you.



We received the following email yesterday from the Father of a 19 year old boy.

 I saw my 19 year old son kissing his best friend on the mouth. I know that boys have been known to kiss each other before. I remember when Michael Corleone kissed his brother in The Godfather, and those two guys were definitely not gay.

I am worried that he may possibly be a homosexual. Is there a definite way I can tell. I want to be sure. He’s only 19.


This was our response to this concerned Father’s email.

 When Michael kissed his brother Sonny in The Godfather, it was on the cheek. Italians used to do this, and it had nothing to be with sexual orientation. I’ve never seen an Italian man kiss another man on the mouth. This is not looking too good.

Surely you don’t want me to answer this question, and tell you what I believe. I don’t think it will be what you want to hear.


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