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On this day in history, December 26, A Great Comedian Left Us

jack-bennyIt was on this day, December 26, 1974, that the entertainment world lost one of the greatest comedians of all times.

Jack Benny, who was portrayed as the miser and the cheapskate was anything but that. He was also the man who was 39 years of age, most of his life. Sources will say that he was 80 when he expired, but Mr. Benny would probably tell you that he was 39.

Many Sunday evenings, he brought joy to many people with “The Jack Benny Show”.  Mr, Benny, along with his co-stars, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Dennis Day and Don Wilson thrilled audiences from from 1950 to 1965.

Mr. Benny is not known as the funniest comedian of all time. However, it was his way of not being funny that made him one of the funniest and greatest comedians.

Many of his shows have not been preserved, and this is most unfortunate. The younger generation today will never have the opportunity to appreciate how great this man was.

Mr. Benny, along with George Burns and Milton Berle, were part of a completely different and elite class of comedians. We will never see comedians like these today. They are long gone, but definitely not forgotten.

Mr. Benny, after all these years, I still miss you. Thanks for all the great memories.

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