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Jack the Ripper – not a real person but part of Britain’s Industrial Revolution

BS or NOTWho was Jack the Ripper?

A better answer is, “What was Jack the Ripper

As you know, from legend, the Ripper was never caught. There’s no way he could have been caught, simply because, Jack the Ripper was not any one person.

The Industrial Revolution in the United States was between 1820 and 1840. Great Britain was behind time, and didn’t begin their Industrial Revolution until the late 1880’s. It was in the fall of 1888 when a Serial Killer, known as Jack the Ripper terrorized the streets of London.

What led the to the beginning of the project known as Operation Jack the Ripper?

jack-the-ripperOperation Jack the Ripper – Business, not Personal

Great Britain’s economy was suffering tremendously during the late 1880’s. A major British Corporation decided to do something to help the economy.

As a result, the Corporation created Operation Jack the Ripper. The purpose was to rid Great Britain of prostitution, and bring in more legitimate, and profitable business. A team of expert hit men came together and did what they felt needed to be done to get rid of prostitution and stabilize the economy, particularly in London.

The team consisted of twelve people. No one knows the gender. One or more of them could have been female. There were eleven murders credited to the Ripper. However, each victim was killed by a different hit man (or woman, if this is the case). This means, one of the members of the team didn’t have to kill anyone.

Lucky him, or her!

This is why the Ripper was never caught. He was not a real person. Jack the Ripper was the work of a Corporation.

Is this BS or NOT? You Decide

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